Sunday, October 1

Fox News contributor and Outkickhost Tomi Lahren has set the record straight regarding billionaire Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s bid to open up the platform to more voices.

During an appearance on the network Tuesday, Lahren explained why the political left is terrified that Musk has threatened to release files allegedly showing how speech was suppressed previously on the platform.

“I think it is quite obvious, if people know the truth and have access to free speech public platform, they might change the way they vote and the left is terrified of this,” she said.

“Think for a moment, those on the left are saying free speech is threatened by free speech, which makes no sense whatsoever. To Elon Musk, I would say, release the free speech file, expose the algorithms,” Lahren continued.


“We don’t want an apology, we want acknowledgment and we want to know these spirits were valid and real and we deserve that. The American people deserve that and we should want that and know what algorithms were in place that could have changed a series of elections and I hope Elon exposes it all,” she said.

“The problem is for the left, when the truth comes in the door, the bs has to go out the window,” Lahren noted further.

“I have to hand it to Elon Musk, he is bizarre, he is a genius, the amount of heat he has taken and his businesses because of his decision of Twitter, he is taking incoming fire and he is doing it with grace and doing it for us. We applaud him and thank him,” she added.