Saturday, September 30

Singer/songwriter and patriot Kid Rock is tired of seeing American culture deep-sixed in the name of ‘wokeness.’

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday, the Kid said he is “sick of seeing history torn to the ground” while discussing the potential destruction of Beechwood Hall, an antebellum house outside of Nashville, Tenn., once owned by legendary country music star Hank Williams Sr.

Carlson asked: “So, you have your own house — why are you so interested in this house and what happens to it?”

“I think, like so many other people in this country, we’re sick of seeing history torn to the ground, whether it be in the form of monuments, statues and now something so important here in Nashville, like the former home of Hank Williams, Beechwood Hall,” Kid Rock responded.

“Where does this end?” he asked. “We kind of all knew that from the beginning, once this fiasco started, that it’s never going to end.”




Beechwood Hall is one of the few homes of the era to survive the Civil War in Virginia intact.

Besides Hank Williams Sr., country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill once lived there before California fund manager Larry Keel acquired the historic landmark last year, reports said.

Rumors have been floating around that Keel may want to demolish Beechwood Hall.

That prompted Kid Rock to say of transplants to the region like Keel:

“A lot of people say it and they say it under their breath, but they’re scared to say it out loud, so once again I’ll be the guy,” he told Carlson. “They come here leaving these woke policies from these cities for better schools, lower taxes, lower crime.

“We kind of tell them, leave your effin’ politics at the state from which you’re coming,” The Kid continued. “I don’t think there’s anything more important in country music — if not, American music — than Hank Williams, the greatest songwriter of all times.”