There were some serious things that happened in the Obama White House.

Originally published at WND News Center. Used with permission.

There was planning for the moves that would have the government essentially take over health care decision making for Americans.

There also apparently was some of the scheming and manipulating that allowed the “Russia collusion” hoax to develop, and to be used against then-candidate Donald Trump.

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But now, on a tour hawking her new book, which already is being described as “insulting” and “full of clichés,” Michelle Obama is recalling how she altered her hairstyle because she didn’t think America was ready for her “braids.”

The New York Post noted Obama said Americans still were “getting adjusted” to “having a black first family in the White House.”

She said she decided, “Let me keep my hair straight.”

“Let’s get health care passed [first]. They tripped out when Barack wore a tan suit,” she claimed. “The great indignity, the scandal of the Obama administration. The code of ethics at a workplace, as black women we deal with it, the whole thing about, ‘Do you show up with your natural hair?’”

She said she would joke with her staff members about changing her look and they would get scared.

“I would get my staff all worried, too. I was like, ‘I was thinking about getting braids,’” Obama said. “That’s the African American experience… but women in offices that are worried, ‘Should I wear skirts? Should I wear pantyhose?’ I hate pantyhose.”

Columnist Maureen Callahan at the Daily Mail said, “Allow me to save you the $35 retail (!) this book goes for: There are zero practical applications here. It’s nearly 300 pages of lighter-than-air advice, full of clichés. Obama is hawking this new book as a toolkit for hard times, but her ‘tools’ are so obvious they’re insulting.”

She cited a “sampling” of Obama’s wisdom:

  • “It’s okay to pace yourself, get a little rest, and speak of your struggles out loud. “I’ve learned to recognize and appreciate balance when I feel it.”
  • “Sometimes what I most need is just to take a walk outdoors, or to sweat my way through a workout, or to get a full night of sleep.”
  • “Doubt comes from within.”

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