Offering up a Biblical view of how civilization was created can land you in jail these days.

Originally published at WND News Center. Used with permission.

A retired soccer star whose opinions about gender, based on biblical standards, appeared on social media has been given a suspended 10-month jail term for believing that men are men and women are women, as God created them.

The abuse by the justice system in Greece of retired football legend Vassilis Tsiartas has been profiled in a column by Ben Johnson at Washington Standard.

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The report explains Tsiartas also was given a fine, suspended, for being “transphobic.”

His comments on social media came in his opposition to a law that would have lowered the age in that nation to legally change one’s gender to 15.

He initially responded, “I hope that the first sex changes will be made to the children of those who voted for this abomination,” and he suggested lawmakers there may as well “legalize pedophiles and complete their crimes” against nature.

Later he wrote about his biblical beliefs.

“God created Adam and Eve,” he said, citing the Bible and explaining his faith-based objection to “extreme gender ideology and the redefinition of marriage,” the report said.

“Anyone can have his preferences whether he is a man or a woman, and I completely respect that. For me, however, a couple is only a man and a woman, the rest are just together. I’m not going to accept all the weddings, all the parades, and anything else they do as normal,” he said.

As a result of a complaint from the Transgender Support Association, he ended up in court and in the Single-Member Misdemeanor Court of Athens he was given jail time and a fine of 5,000 euros, both suspended, for his views.

The report said Tsiartas is appealing.

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