Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake isn’t giving up on her race against Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs as their razor-thin race prepares to go to the wire.

Lake moved to fire up her base as one estimate said that scores of likely GOP ballots had yet to be counted.

Former elections official and ABC data scientist Garrett Archer noted: “Not that I want to rain on anyone’s party. But a reminder that based on the affidavit transmission party data we still have some very, very friendly batches coming for R slate in Maricopa. Almost certainly not friendly enough for Masters. Lake and Hamadeh are very much in this.”

“This is also big. The next batch of 114k late early drop-offs that were transmitted to the elections department will break in favor of @KariLake. Important note: We do not know when these ballots will be tabulated, but the GOP cavalry is coming.”

“‘The cavalry is coming,'” Lake noted in a tweet quoting Archer, adding: “Buckle up, boys and girls It’s about to get fun!”

Archer also tweeted: “Maricopa intends to drop more results at 8pm local. Most of the outstanding ballots are from vote rich GOP strongholds in the East Valley past Gilbert Rd. and north of loop 101. Probably worth a point or two to the overall total for GOP slate. As I said before: Knife’s edge.”

Lake is already planning to upset the Biden administration on day one if she wins her race next month.

Speaking to a packed crowd of several hundred at a campaign event at ammunition maker Dillon Precision on Wednesday, Lake, who spent more than 20 years as a Phoenix-area newscaster, said she will tackle her state’s porous border.

“I will declare an invasion on the border on day one when I get into office. I want us to be known as The Grand Canyon State, not the fentanyl cartel state,” she said to cheers.

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