A top-ranked pollster has proposed the ultimate voter integrity reform that he says all states should adopt.

Originally published by WND News Center. Used with permission.

Federal law calls for an “Election Day” but contemporary election managers – and politicians – have turned it into an election week, or election month.

It’s happening again this year, as the votes from Tuesday’s election still are being counted across multiple states.

While it appears that the Republican Party may have the majority in the new Congress, that’s not certain. Nor is the leadership of the Senate.

Now a prominent and influential pollster says it’s time to return to an “Election Day.”

In a report at Just the News, pollster Scott Rasmussen said, “One of the 80% issues, and there aren’t a whole lot of 80% issues in America – one of them is that all ballots should be in by Election Day. We should know the results on Election Day.”

He was being interviewed on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show.

The report explained, “Such a new mandate would make it nearly impossible to have a system like ranked-choice voting, which is how Alaska conducts its elections. Ranked-choice voting is ‘an alternative voting system that allows voters to rank multiple candidates on a ballot in order of preference.’ As a result of this system, Alaskans won’t find out results of their midterm for a few weeks.”

Rasmussen said American voters are just “really uncomfortable with it.”

“Alaska is five hours behind us or whatever, but not not three weeks. I think this is something we’re going to have to address. through the political process. For example, when you lose the Super Bowl, you lose. You don’t keep stretching it out for a few more games. That’s what has happened in the country today. If you’re talking about reforms that really have strong support, they are things like photo ID and getting the ballots in by Election Day,” he continued.

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