While networks were reporting early Wednesday that uncalled races for Congress left the Senate 48-48 between the parties and the Republicans apparently heading for a House majority with 199 seats to the Democrats’ 172, where 218 is needed for a majority, Rep. Kevin McCarthy already was proclaiming victory there.

Originally published by WND News Center. Used with permission.

“We are expanding this party,” he told supporters last Tuesday.

But that prospect, according to one report, has Joe Biden fretting over a “brutal” coming year where congressional investigators would be going after his “family.”

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Fox News explained the reports come from “insiders,” who relayed that Biden expects a Republican House to investigate much.

It was CBS News’ Robert Costa who also reported the if Republicans are the majority in either the House or Senate, Biden admitted he would work with Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who would be the party’s leader there, but would refuse to work with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who could end up being House speaker.

Costa reported, “Just been speaking to some people inside President Biden’s circle, some longtime confidants about how he’s seeing this moment tonight – potentially the Republicans taking the House.”

He went on,” They say that he believes that next year could be ‘brutal.’ He has no illusions about the House Republicans should they have the majority. They will come after his family, including probing his son, Hunter Biden.”

The report said Biden also was concerned about being impeached.

In fact, there’s been much evidence revealed that Hunter Biden has made an industry of selling access to his father, first when he was vice president and later as president.

Also, details revealed from a laptop computer Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop reveal that the family has profited – to the tune of millions of dollars – from those arrangements with even Chinese and Russian contacts.

Joe Biden even admitted interfering in Ukrainian actions when Hunter was being paid millions of dollars by a Ukrainian gas company that was under investigation for corruption. Joe Biden threatened to withhold American aid if they didn’t fire the prosecutor, and they did.

And WND has reported that was just one of the scenarios involving the Biden family.

One was that the FBI has evidence a former secretary for Hunter Biden was employed by the Chinese Communist Party before working for the Biden family business during the time it struck a lucrative deal with an energy firm at the heart of President Xi Jinping’s quest for global economic and political domination.

“There is no doubt that Hunter Biden was part of a Chinese intelligence mission that was trying to gather as much information as possible about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family,” said former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker in an interview with “Fox & Friends.”

The evidence concerning Hunter Biden’s former secretary JiaQi “Jackie” Bao was at the center of a letter from Rep. James Comer R-Ky., the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee, to FBI Director Christopher Wray. The committee Republicans want more information from Wray concerning the Bidens’ deal with Chinese government-linked CEFC China Energy in 2017 and 2018, the New York Post reported.

“After infiltrating the Biden family, Bao urged Hunter to encourage Joe Biden to run for president months before he announced and then supplied the Biden family campaign advice related to China,” the letter states.

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