For years already, Joe Biden actively has use misstatements – lies – to pursue his political agenda. Sometimes they’re just labeled “gaffes” or blunders. They’re so common a book has been published detailing the most egregious.

Originally published at WND News Center. Used with permission.

Recently, though, they’ve gone so far beyond the truth that now even the Washington Post is calling him out – by awarding him a “bottomless Pinocchio” status handed out by its “fact-checking” process.

It’s more significant because Americans know many of those legacy fact-checking procedures lean to the Democrat agenda by significant levels.

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Fox News reported the Post handed Biden its “honor” because of multiple recent lies.

“Folks, I spent a lot of time — more time with Xi Jinping than any other head of state. … I’ve traveled 17,000 miles with him,” Biden claimed on Nov. 3 in San Diego.

The Post’s Glenn Kessler wrote that his organization fact-checked this claim several times before and that the president has said it over 20 times.

Those statements being already given three Pinocchios for their falsehood, and still repeated “at least 20 times,” are the requirements for the award.

Fox reported, “The analysis also fact-checked the president’s claim that seniors were getting an increase in their Social Security checks for the first time in 10 years. The White House also included this claim in a tweet that was deleted.”

The White House had boasted that seniors were getting the biggest increase in Social Security payments in years – but ignored the fact that that increase was solely because of the massive inflation that has been allowed under Joe Biden’s economics.

And Biden recently took credit for lowering the price of gasoline, claiming falsely that the price was over $5 a gallon when he took office.

It wasn’t even close, with the actual price, as President Trump left office, about $2.39 a gallon. Biden’s inflationary policies did trigger that price explosion, with some locations reporting prices as high as $7 a gallon.

Nevertheless, Biden claimed, “And because of the action we’ve taken, gas prices are declining. We’re down $1.25 since the peak this summer and they’ve been falling for the last three weeks as well, and adding up real savings for families today. The most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over $5 when I took office.”

WND reported he made the wild claim while at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, New York, to talk about a plan by Micron to build a semiconductor plant there.

Biden has a noted list of his lies from his political career, ranging from his talks with an Amtrak employee, who was dead when Biden claimed to have talked with him, to wild claims about his heritage, school career, a small fire in his home many years ago, and more.

WND reported earlier when the New York Times informed the public that allowances should be made for him.

The publication explained he just “exaggerates.”

And “embellishes.”

At Off the Press was a link to the Times’ piece, with the headline, “NYT: Biden’s BS-ing just adds up to a lot of, well, lying.”

Biden’s verbal gaffes and blunders already have created a library of folklore. But the facts are he’s claimed “Made in America” is two words, and J-O-B-S is only three letters.

Then there are the “embellishments,” on which the Times focuses. It excuses his frequent lies with, “President Biden has been unable to break himself of the habit of embellishing narratives to weave a political identity.”

It describes how Biden “has embraced storytelling as a way of connecting with his audience.”

Biden has an entire collection of “Pinocchios” for his lies. For example, he previously said, “The Second Amendment was never absolute. You couldn’t buy a cannon when the Second Amendment was passed. You couldn’t go out and purchase a lot of weapons.”

That has been debunked.

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