A union for Border Patrol agents has issued a terse response to the American Civil Liberties Union, which launched into a diatribe against the law enforcement officers for defending themselves from an attack by illegal aliens.

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Verbatim, it was, “The ACLU is upset that B.P. agents have the audacity to defend themselves. We have a response for them. Go to hell,” explained a report at Just the News.

The union, the National Border Patrol Council, responded to the ACLU attacks that developed after another recent clash brought on by illegal aliens entering the U.S.

The union also is urging voters to support candidates in next week’s election who will defend them, and the rule of law, the report said.

It was a week ago that a horde of mostly single male Venezuelans, Hondurans and Mexicans charged across the Rio Grande River to try to get into the U.S. As part of the charge, they allegedly assaulted some members of the Border Patrol.

“Make no mistake, all of this madness taking place at our border is on Joe Biden. Every single bit of it. We’re stuck with him for two more years and he’s not going to change, but you have the opportunity on Nov. 8 to vote his enablers out of office and put a dent in his agenda,” the union said.

Already since Biden took office and dismantled the border security programs launched by President Trump, millions of illegal aliens have arrived at the border, many obtaining illegal entry.

The agency, the Customs and Border Protection, confirmed that the Venezuelan nationals tried to break into the U.S. and one protester “assaulted an agent with a flagpole. A second subject threw a rock causing injury…”

When the agents responded by firing pepper balls, the crowd returned to Mexico.

The ACLU then jumped in with its condemnation of the events as “the latest in a long line of abuses carried out by CBP. Our government’s failed attempts at preventing people from seeking protection in the U.S. lead to death and suffering.”

The union responded, “Fact: Aliens crossing our border between ports of entry, for any reason, is a crime. Fact: That criminal act is punishable by imprisonment. Fact: Civil penalties in addition to, not in lieu of imprisonment. Fact: Biden/Garland just choose not to enforce the criminal statute.”

The union noted the agents “showed great restraint.”

The Border Patrol has faced repeated attacks from the Biden administration already, including one in which officials falsely accused agents of using “whips” on border crossers, when what they were holding in their hands were reins to control the horses they were riding.

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