The mainstream media is being torched again, this time for the manner in which it is covering — or not — the attack against Paul Pelosi.

Originally published at WND News Center. Used with permission.

Despite conflicting reports and many unanswered questions, President Biden and other Democratic Party leaders have used the assault by a hammer-wielding, apparently mentally ill, illegal alien on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband to rally midterm voters, casting the violent act as an inevitable result of right-wing, “election denier” rhetoric.

And Monday afternoon, announcing attempted-murder charges against 42-year-old David DePape, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins affirmed to reporters that prosecutors believe the attack was politically motivated.

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But on closer inspection, the suspect – an illegal alien from Canada who was a member of the far-left Green Party and lives in a dilapidated bus on the Berkeley, California, property of “nudist drug abusers” who support Black Lives Matter and purportedly of late was circulating QAnon conspiracies – comes across more as a homeless, mentally unstable drug addict than a determined ideologue.

Nevertheless, establishment media aligned with the Democrats’ narrative, with CBS correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti, for example, tying DePape’s actions to “the January 6 Capitol Hill mob” because he allegedly shouted, “Where is Nancy.”

Newsbusters noted that “along with ABC and NBC, CBS’s Vigliotti never made mention of the attacker’s drug addiction, mental health history, or how his blog and views went beyond censorship ranging from there being ‘Alien-Human Hybrid Infiltrators,’ to suicidal people having painkillers to 9/11 trutherism.”

Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing reacted to the coverage of the incident in a threat on Twitter.

“Journalism is dead,” he wrote. “Twenty years ago, every major publication would have had boots on the ground chasing the facts in the Paul Pelosi story – questioning the narrative, interviewing everyone even tangentially connected, demanding transparency and the release of calls and footage.”

The Daily Wire’s Boreing noted “questioning the powerful was the media’s raison d’être.”

“Sure, they were biased to the left, but they had some self-respect and took their role in society seriously more often than not,” he said. “And they didn’t believe that role was to be agents of social change.”

Boreing said Americans were “less prone to paranoia back then because the press was MORE paranoid. Much more. They questioned everything.”

“The people assumed the press was on the job, sniffing out the lies and finding the truth, so conspiracy theories just weren’t plausible and rarely stuck,” he said.

Now, establishment media, aided by Big Tech, “has embraced their new role as agents of social change.”

“Now they both actively and through indifference run cover for the left,” said Boreing.

“Maybe it all happened about like they say, but they’re certainly afraid it didn’t. So best not to look into it. Move along.”

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