Fox News host Laura Ingraham weighed into outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney over the direction — and future — of the Republican Party.

Cheney, clearly an ‘establishment Republican’ who opposes Donald Trump and the brand of conservative he inspires, believes that her faction will eventually win back control of the party. But Ingraham begs to differ.

“I think the future of the party is rooted in populism. You can call it America First populism, or just populism, but it’s going to be a type of economic nationalism and pragmatic policy-making that is long overdue in Washington,” she said on her Monday evening program.

“The American people are becoming more impatient and frustrated that America is getting weaker and they’re getting poorer week after week, month after month. The days of the Bush/Cheney open borders, endless wars, globalism … all of that proved to be a complete failure,” she continued.

“This idea that the old establishment dinosaur-like GOP is going to come lumbering back to life … it’s over. I’m of the view that more speech is always better, not that I love everything people tend to say about me or the show,” Ingraham continued.

“I’m a firm believer in the First Amendment and that it protects political speech absolutely. It’s very tricky how this ends up getting ‘moderated.’ When companies are as big as these, the argument can be that they act as proxies for the government. One person’s disinformation is the truth, the other person’s truth is disinformation,” the Fox News host added.

“It would have to be done very, very carefully and I’m not sure it’s really possible. Except for true incitements of violence, abuse online, etc. I do believe, political speech, you need to be very careful about censoring, left, right, center, any of it,” she said.

“I’m not going to share my conversations with the leadership of Fox but what I will say is they have an enormous amount of respect for their talent and have been great at nurturing talent through the years. Someone is always looking over your shoulder when you’re in cable news, I don’t care what network you work for,” she told The Hill.

“To dominate the ratings and to bring in the revenue they have is incredibly impressive.”

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