A growing number of Democratic voters have handed President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party’s senior leaders horrific news days away from crucial midterms that could turn him into a two-year lame duck.

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More than one-fourth of all Democratic voters across the United States have concluded that their party’s White House, Senate and House monopoly in Washington, their party’s leaders, have not shown they deserve more time in control.

A new poll from Convention of States Action, which worked with the Trafalgar Group, shows that a huge majority of Americans, 65.9%, say “President Biden and Democrat leadership have not made a strong enough case as to why Democrat candidates should earn voters’ support in 2022 elections.”

The polling October 25-30 surveyed responses from more than 1,000 likely 2022 election voters.

A full 28.5% of Democrats believe Biden and his team have not made a strong enough case “as to why Democrat candidates should earn voters’ support.”

“The American people are wise, pragmatic, and understand what needs to be done to get the nation back on track, despite the fact that so many elected officials in Washington, D.C., do not,” explained Mark Meckler, chief of Convention of States.

“In the final estimation, voters – even Democratic voters – have determined that the current leadership is not getting it done, and believe Republicans will sweep big on election day.

“However, our previous polling shows that Republicans have also failed to make a strong enough case to voters, and thus should be mindful that – if they succeed – the public has high expectations for them to fulfill campaign promises and deliver solutions.”

The polling report explained 75.4% of independent voters say Biden and his team have not made a strong enough case for Democrat candidates to be elected.

As would be expected, among Republicans, 96% say Biden’s case for Democrat candidates has failed.

Only 4% said that case had been made. Among Democrats, only 71.5% said Biden and his regime have made the case for Democrats to be in power in Washington.

The poll also revealed that 80.5% of voters believe Republicans will “at the very least win control of one congressional chamber. About half, 50.2% say Republicans will, after next week’s election, win control of both the House and the Senate.

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