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Herschel Walker Takes High Ground With Barack Obama: ‘He Needs Some Help’

Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker took the high road after being insulted by former President Barack Obama.

Walker was responding to Obama’s dig that the former college football and NFL great is a “celebrity to who wants to be a politician.”

“Herschel Walker was a heck of a football player, one of the best running backs of all time. Does that make him the best person to represent you in the United States Senate?” Obama said in a campaign ad.

“In the case of Rev. Warnock’s opponent, there is very little evidence that he’s taken any interest, bothered to learn anything about, or displayed any kind of information towards public service, or volunteer work, or helping people in any way,” he continued. “At least we really don’t know about it. And that does make you suspect.”

Obama then took another dig at former President Donald Trump.

“Seems to me he’s a celebrity who wants to be a politician, and we’ve seen how that goes,” said Obama.

Walker responded: “President Obama was here last night. He said I’m a celebrity. He got that one wrong, didn’t he? I’m not a celebrity, I’m a warrior for God.

“He got something else wrong, too. Remember two years ago he told us to vote for Joe Biden, didn’t he? He got that one wrong, did he not? He’s lost twice to Georgia already, hasn’t he, so I think he probably needs to sit this one out,” Walker continued.

“I’m sorry to tell former President Obama, I’m sorry, I’m gonna pray for him. I’m gonna pray for him because he needs some help,” the University of Georgia Heisman Trophy winner continued.

“He needs some help because he got with the wrong horse. Senator Warnock is the wrong horse. You know he can’t do the job, and it’s time for him to leave. So don’t let the door hit your butt as you walk out of there,” added Walker.

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