Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, herself a former newscaster for more than 20 years, has paid Fox News host and former White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, a high compliment.

In an interview with McEnany on Wednesday, Lake said the host showed others how to deal with a hostile media.

McEnany introduced the segment by pointing out that when she was working in former President Donald Trump’s White House, her press office’s phrase was “offense only.”

“We’re going to go on offense against a very liberal press” was her team’s mindset, McEnany recounted.

McEnany then said she loved a response by Lake that she quoted from a Monday interview when the GOP candidate was asked if she would be Trump’s running mate in 2024.

“I’m going to be here [in Arizona] not just four years, I’m going to be here eight years, and I’m going to be the fake news media’s worst nightmare for eight years. So they better get used to it,” Lake said.

“I’ve got to imagine you hear, on the campaign trail, from voters everywhere, ‘Good job, well done!’” McEnany told the Arizona candidate.

“I took a page out of your playbook,” Lake said in response. “You really did show us how to do it, and turn the tables on these hypocrites in the fake news.”

“Thank you for showing us the way,” she added.

“My dad was an offensive line coachman…a football coach, so always on offense, absolutely. We have nothing to be defensive about because we love this country. We have the common sense ideas to get through some of the problems we’re facing,” Lake said.


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