We all know about the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Originally published at WND News Center. Used with permission.

Trump supporters tried to destroy democracy by assaulting the building, and even SITTING IN CHAIRS in offices belonging to leftists in Congress, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Her special and one-sided committee has released hours of testimony about how it was all President Trump’s fault.

At least that’s the story that Democrats are selling.

But Americans aren’t buying.

See in the following video, of a panel assembled, and questioned, at MSNBC.

The questioner asked about those who “breached” the Capitol building and was that all right.

The panel members wanted to know which area… because “we saw video of Capitol officers taking away barriers … they opened the gates.”

But, MSNBC said, doesn’t that “disqualify” any elected official who was there?

Not really, the panel said.

Those who injured someone or did damage should face charges for those incidents.

But, they pointed out, the woman who died there that day was an unarmed protester, a veteran.

The entire episode?

Much like the hundreds of Black Lives Matter protests across the nation, only “on a much smaller scale.”

And the protesters?

It’s the “constitutional right of an American citizen,” the group said. Americans “should not be held political prisoners.”

“That’s East Germany,” they said. “That’s what’s scary.”

Nor could President Trump, himself, stopped it, they said.

After all, it started while he still was speaking at his rally.

One woman in attendance that day said she was there, went toward the Capitol after Trump finished speaking, and found the riot already had taken place.

The MSNBC host looked stunned by the response, trying mightily to obtain a sympathetic response to the questions.

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