A prospective juror in a case filed against the Trump Organization in New York has been booted off the jury pool after making an incredulous claim about the former president.

A New York advertising executive was dismissed in the criminal tax fraud trial of the Trump Organization after she stated “there is no chance in hell” she could ever be impartial regarding anything involving former President Trump.

Needless to say, Trump himself is not on trial, and he faces no criminal liability.

“He’s guilty in my mind whatever the case is — anything he does, anything his corporation does,” the 34-year-old Manhattan woman said, triggering her release.

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Meanwhile, another woman was also dismissed after she said that she noted her anti-Trump sentiment and added that she did not believe he could ever be judged by an impartial jury.

“If it’s down to, can you be impartial about Donald Trump? I think it’s hard,” she said. “He’s such a polarizing person.”

The woman said another potential juror had also been excused because she said, “I hate Trump.”

“They’re probably not going to find someone impartial either way,” the woman noted further.

Insider noted further:

The woman was excused because she said her daughter went to the same ritzy Upper West Side private school as Trump’s youngest son, Barron, and as well as grandkids of the Trump Organization’s former longtime chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg.

Some 130 prospective jurors were crammed into a Manhattan courtroom on Monday for the initial culling of the pool based on whether they can be impartial and serve on a trial that could last until the brink of the holidays.

About 40 of those prospective jurors asked to talk to the judge about a conflict that would keep them from serving. They were expected to be excused.

The jury that is ultimately chosen in the trial will determine if the Trump Organization defrauded tax authorities by allegedly paying executives some of their compensation off the books in the form of untaxed perks like free apartments and cars.

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