Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may insist that she speaks for all Hispanics, but a new survey suggests otherwise.

A survey conducted in part by GOP strategist Giancarlo Sopo found that “AOC” had a lower favorability rating that did Rep. Mayra Flores of Texas, the first Republican elected to her border district since the 1870s.

“My firm teamed up with @WPAIntel to conduct a national poll of Hispanic voters on behalf of @bienvenido_us. One of our most interesting findings is that @MayraFlores2022 has a higher net favorability than AOC among Hispanics who know them,” Sopo tweeted.

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“Democrats assume Hispanics are monolithic, but we are as diverse as America, and we are seeing the momentum build all across all our Latino communities for conservative candidates,” Orlando Sanchez, of Texas Latino Conservatives, noted of the swing to the right among Hispanics. “The more we vote our values, the more we vote Republican.”

The poll noted: “Flores has a national favorability rating of 38.1% and an unfavorability rating of 24.5%. AOC has a favorability rating of 42.3% compared to an unfavorability rating of 36.3%.

“The Republican Party held a 15-point lead over the Democrat Party for being most associated with ‘hard work;’ an 8-point lead for supporting small business owners; a 7-point lead for fixing the immigration system; a 3-point lead for ‘protecting my way of life,'” it added.

“The poll also found that more than 60% of Hispanics said they are bothered by the direction of the Democratic Party; 57% support tougher border security measures, and the majority, by a 3-to-1 margin, support more oil and gas exploration in Texas,” it said.

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