Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s midterm election outcome prediction is probably as appealing to the current Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and her Senate counterpart, Chuck Schumer, as someone scratching a blackboard.

In an interview with Just the News, Gingrich predicted that even ‘safe’ blue seats are now up for grabs.

Gingrich sees the “building of a real tsunami, because it goes from coast to coast. It goes from Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, all the way across to Washington State, Nevada, Arizona.”

“You’re seeing race after race where the Republicans are gaining ground, or are actually pulling ahead and moving out. Candidates like Blumenthal, for example, in Connecticut, who people thought was totally safe, is now in a very, very close five-point race and getting narrower,” he said.

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“And two policemen were killed last week in Connecticut and the police would not allow the Governor to speak at the memorial, because they’re so angry at him about a bill he passed during the Black Lives Matter riots, which was pro-criminal and anti-police. And so, these dynamics are building everywhere,” he told the outlet.

Gingrich also said crime was brought home to voters when two people in New York “were shot in front of gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin’s home, while his two teenage daughters were studying inside.”

“That totally dominated the television news in New York for three days. Zeldin went from a slightly behind to basically even with the incumbent Governor, almost overnight, and so you just see these things happening all around the country,” he added.

Axios notes further:

Republicans are bullish they can win the Oregon governor’s race for the first time since 1982, boosted by an intra-Democratic feud. Democrats are playing furious defense in three Biden-friendly House battlegrounds in Oregon as well.

In a Rhode Island district that Biden carried by 14 points, a new Boston Globe/Suffolk University poll found Republican Allan Fung leading by eight points over Democrat Seth Magaziner.

In a Connecticut district Biden won by 11, Republicans are spending $2.7 million against Rep. Jahana Hayes. The seat hasn’t been seriously contested since 2012, but Republicans nominated a moderate Black state legislator, George Logan, who’s demonstrating broad bipartisan appeal.

Democrats are also concerned about several New York battlegrounds, even after an expectation-defying special election victory by Rep. Pat Ryan (D-N.Y.) in August.Outside GOP groups are spending money to flip four Democratic-held seats in the Hudson Valley and Long Island, while looking to protect an upstate Republican seat in Biden-friendly territory.

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