Saturday, September 30

North Carolina’s Republican lieutenant governor dropped some truth bombs about why more black Americans are leaving the Democratic Party and flocking to the GOP.

In an interview with Fox News host Dan Bongino, Mark Robinson suggested that black voters are tired of Democrats’ incessant race-baiting and racism of “low expectations.”

Bongino introduced the segment by referencing a Washington Examiner report that claimed, based on polling data, “There are signs that black Americans are slowly moving away from the Democratic Party. While this shift is far less dramatic than the huge numbers of Hispanic Americans who have abandoned the party, it’s happening nonetheless…And as we’ve seen repeatedly, in close elections, even a 1%-2% shift in support can mean the difference between victory and defeat.”

The host went on to note that it “turns out people love freedom and liberty, and it doesn’t have a skin color. That could really be bad news for the Dems, however, in the midterms.”

Then Robinson responded.


“I think that folks are waking up all over this country, and that includes black people in this country. Black people started taking a look around in many of their communities and wonder why for the last 50 years, things have been the same. Why they’re seeing the same old things over and over again and hearing the same things over and over again with no positive results,” he said, adding that more blacks are moving to the GOP.

“And they’re starting to see that they need to reach out in a different direction. And I think that many of the things they’ve seen here in North Carolina since 2010, and many of the things, quite frankly, that they saw under President Trump compared to a President Biden. They’re seeing that the answer lies on the other side of the aisle. So I think we gonna start seeing more and more black voters switch over to Republican,” Robinson added.

Bongino went on to play a clip of Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams making unfounded claims of voter suppression and complaining about the state’s voter ID law during a CNN interview, leaving Robinson to shake his head.

“The soft bigotry of low expectation is not solved. This is as hard as a punch. It’s as devastating and has been detrimental in the black community as a stick of dynamite chucked from the Ku Klux Klan. This stuff is ridiculous,” Robinson said.

“To suggest the people who survived the Middle Passage survived the horrors of slavery, then survived Jim Crow, now reached the point where they can’t go down to the DMV to get a free ID to secure their votes. Not only is it insulting; it’s ridiculous,” Robinson, who is likely going to be the state’s Republican candidate for governor in 2024, explained.

“We’ve got to push back against that narrative. It’s a false narrative meant to continue the propagation that black folks are victims and that they need the Democratic Party to supply them with everything that they need. That’s a falsehood; we know it’s not true, and we’ve got to push back against that narrative,” he concluded.