Famed actor Jon Voight is speaking out in defense of former President Donald Trump as he takes the Biden White House and Democrats in general to task.

In an interview with Newsmax TV, Voight went there, saying that Democrats are purposely moving to undermine or undo everything the former president accomplished, including low inflation, low energy prices, energy independence, and a secure border.

“We had President Trump take a look at the problems when he came into office, and he solved them one after the other because he’s a person that’s a doer and he’s a problem-solver,” he told host Rob Schmidt.

“And therefore you accomplished all those things. And now we have another person in office, and they’re systematically just eliminating all of the progress that he made, right? That’s their agenda,” Voight continued.

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“This is a tremendous place, California. It’s the fifth-largest economy in the world. We should be taking care of it. And to see it being destroyed in this way…” the legendary actor said, adding that California residents are flocking to other states where the cost of living is much less and the regulatory environment is far less restrictive.

“People are leaving in droves. And somebody’s going to come to the rescue here. They don’t know what right and wrong is. It seems like something simple like that, you know. So, they [California authorities] pass on people who are dangerous to the community, and we’ve seen lots of unfortunate things happen,” Voight continued.

“A lot of people have been victimized by so many people, and then they put them back on the streets too,” he said, before making a stunning claim.

“There are lots of people who are conservative in Hollywood. They just don’t get any recognition. They don’t get talked to, and they certainly don’t speak up for fear of being canceled,” he noted.

“And I understand that, especially from the younger actors who quietly come to me all the time and go, ‘Hey man, I love what you have to say, and I agree with you 100%. I just can’t say anything because I want to work,'” said Voight.


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