The No. 3 House Republican has put Speaker Nancy Pelosi on notice ahead of the November midterms.

In an interview with Fox News, Rep. Elise Stefanik, she explained all of the reasons why she believes a red wave is coming to Washington in January.

“People want safety and security. They want to change. They want a check and balance on Joe Biden. So I think Republicans are going to have a big year,” she said.

“We need to win back five seats, and we retake the majority. If we win 35, that will be the largest majority since the Great Depression. And I think we could achieve that. Bidenflation has been a tax on every American. So people are feeling it. It’s more than just numbers. It’s impacting the bottom line. It’s a pay cut on every American,” she added.

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“It’s incredibly painful, and shame on Joe Biden, shame on his entire administration that said, you know, either they said inflation wasn’t a big issue or it’s not here to stay. It continues to go up and up and up. And the people who are suffering are the American people,” Stefanik argued.

“And it’s one of, it’s the top reason why I believe that we’re going to have a big Republican year because people want to stop the trillions of reckless spending that has happened under a single-party Democrat rule. That’s just New York alone, traditionally a blue state where we have a huge opportunity to pick up those seats,” she said, talking about upset races the GOP could win this year.

“This will be the year of the Republican woman again, and specifically the year of the Latina Republican woman with the amazing Hispanic women Republican candidates we have running in these races that are going to flip these seats,” she added.

“I am proudly pro-life with exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother. I also strongly support the Hyde Amendment, which makes sure that taxpayer dollars don’t go to fund abortions. Every single Democrat across this country who is on the ballot this November, they support taxpayer-funded abortions, late-term abortions up until the moment of birth or after birth in states like New York state,” said the New Yorker.

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