Tuesday, September 26

A pair of school bus drivers turned into heroes after they sprang into action last week in Kentwood, Michigan.

Two drivers for the Kelloggsville Public School District saved a toddler that had been abandoned on the side of the road by a carjacker when then fled the scene, WZZM reported.

After parents began flagging down cars seeking help, one of the school bus drivers stopped to see what they wanted.

Dave Skinner dialed 911 quickly while radioing the school to inform colleagues about the situation. Another bus driver, meanwhile, saw the child, picked the toddler up and put the child on her bus.

Bus drivers are pretty attentive to everything that’s going on around them. So, they’re in the neighborhood, they see the kids,” Skinner told the outlet.


“They’re the first people they see every day. Most of the drivers know where the stops are, where the kids are at, if somebody’s late at a stop they’re on the radio about anybody having issues. We’re pretty much a close-knit community here,” he continued.

Thanks to the drivers’ heroic efforts, it only took 10 minutes to reunite the child with frantic parents.

“Kelloggsville would like to thank the quick thinking of our staff. Mr. Dave Skinner and Ms. Sue Workman that were driving the buses, and our Director of Transportation, Kristin Nickelson who was coordinating the radio and the buses during the time,” Superintendent Jim Alston told WZZM after the incident.

He noted further: “Their communication and thoughtful actions helped return a baby back to his parents and was unharmed.”

The vehicle was abandoned in Grand Rapids, and the suspect remains at large, police said.

But the toddler is aces.