Rapper Kodak Black has opened up his wallet to help several families in West Palm Beach, Florida, who are facing eviction from an apartment complex.

According to TMZ, Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, joined with the Zacharia McQueen Foundation to pay the rent for 28 families who were looking at being booted from their abodes at the Merry Place Housing Project.

The remaining balance of rent for these families owe “will be paid off in full for the remainder of the year,” posted Francky Pierre-Paul, the founder of local nonprofit A Different Shade of Love, on Instagram.

He wrote on the social media platform:

After seeing this year’s rent increase has affected many families in South Florida, award-winning rapper Kodak Black and the Zachariah McQueen Foundation decided to team up to pay the rent of twenty-eight (28) families living in the Merry Place Housing Projects in West Palm Beach, that were facing eviction.

Through this act of kindness, these families’ rents will be paid off in full for the remainder of the year, covering all previous late fees and the months of October, November, and December, allowing them the opportunity to celebrate the holidays without worrying about how they will be able to keep a roof over their heads.

Black, 25, noted in a statement:

When people get up and go to work daily, they should be able to come home and relax without worrying if they would have a roof over their head the next month. But unfortunately, we live in a society where people can barely get a raise at work, but can be told that their rent has increased by over $1,000 without any real warning. That’s just not right. I am truly blessed, and I have always had the mindset that my purpose is to bless others. So as long as I can, I will continue to bless others and give back to my community. [Emphasis added]

He also released a video on his Instagram discussing the donation and stating he “feels good” whenever he gets the chance to make other people “happy.”


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Breitbart News added:

As Breitbart News has reported, this is not the first time Black has graciously given back to his native South Florida community. In September 2021, Black donated $20,000 to a two-year-old girl whose mother, a Fort Lauderdale police officer, had died of coronavirus complications the previous month.

In February 2021, Black offered to pay the college tuition for the children of two FBI agents that were killed in the line of duty in Florida.

Black was serving prison time in 2020 for making a false statement to purchase a firearm but had his sentence commuted by former President Donald Trump on his last full day in office in January 2021.

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