Former President Donald Trump fired up a crowd on Saturday night during a rally in Nevada on behalf of Republican candidates including Adam Lexalt, who is running to unseat incumbent Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

During the rally, Trump unveiled a new gaffe reel compilation of President Joe Biden, which left many in the crowd laughing.


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Trump then focused on Masto.

“Catherine Cortez Masto and the democrat extremists will flood the country with tens of millions more illegal aliens, what they’re doing to this country, they have no idea where they’re from, who they are, where the anything about it, 129 different countries, people representing them poured into our country last month, 129 most people didn’t know we had so many countries,” he said.

“Think of it, They rammed through mass amnesty and give illegal aliens, welfare free health care far more than we give our military vets. And far more than we give to our very own citizens are getting more than our citizens are getting,” Trump added.

“And now many of them get to stay in luxury hotels. Isn’t that nice? They will abolish the filibuster pack the Supreme Court.  It’s also the appalling misconduct by the incompetent new york state attorney general. She’s grossly incompetent who doesn’t care about record numbers of murders that are taking place in New York, rapes, drug deals and every other form of crime but only spends her time in getting elected,” said the former president.

“Let’s go after Trump. That’s good for the polls. I don’t even think it is good because she’s actually down in the polls. She’s losing. Let’s see what happens,” Trump continued. “The state has been so great to me and we love Nevada back In your great state with thousands of proud, hardworking American Patriots.”

Trump then focused on some of the biggest issues facing Nevadans under Democrats.

“31 days from now the people of Nevada are going to fire your radical Democrat. Governor Steve Cecil a radical left. You’re going to defeat your extreme left-wing senator, not respected at all. In Washington D. C. Catherine Cortez Masto hasn’t done a thing on the border, hasn’t done a thing. You’re going to send Joe Lombardo to the governor’s mansion and you’re going to send adam Laxalt to the US Senate and you’re going to elect an incredible slate of true America first republicans up and down the ballot and we are going to end crazy Nancy Pelosi’s political career. Right in that career,” he added.

“She is crazy And she is really bad for our country to under Democrat rule. The price of gas in Nevada is up 100% from the days of the Trump administration Two years ago. Think of it two years ago,” Trump said.

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