Tuesday, September 26

A new generic ballot survey is not going to make Democrats very happy but it should have Republicans smiling.

According to Rasmussen Reports’ weekly poll released Friday, Republicans have expanded their lead on generic balloting to 4 points, Breitbart News reported.

The survey found that Republicans gained ground after leading by only 1 point in the generic survey last week.

“The poll found that 47 percent of likely U.S. voters said they would elect a Republican, while 43 percent said they would vote for the Democrat. Only three percent said they would vote for another candidate, while another seven said they were not sure,” Breitbart News noted.

“Nevertheless, a four-point lead on the generic ballot four weeks away from the election is a good sign for the Republicans, who are looking to net five seats, win back the majority, and unseat Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from her Speakership. In fact, the Republicans have led the generic ballot all year,” the outlet reported.


The report added:

Rasmussen noted that in October 2018 — before Democrats took the House for the first time in eight years — they had a five-point advantage on the generic congressional ballot, 47 percent to 42 percent. But as the 2018 November midterm election neared, the margins between Democrats and Republicans became extremely close: Republicans had 46 percent to 45 percent for Democrats — which is what the generic ballot is currently showing.

In this poll, the Republican party showed a narrow lead with independents over Democrats. Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 41 percent said they would vote for the GOP candidate, while only 37 percent said they would vote for the Democrat candidate.

In another good sign for the GOP,  the party appears to be gaining the support of minority voters. If the election were held today, 19 percent of blacks and 40 percent of other minority groups said they would pull the lever for a Republican candidate.

Other surveys similarly show Republicans on top of Dems.

“Republicans have retaken the lead on the generic congressional ballot amid rising economic concerns among voters, according to a new Monmouth University poll released on Monday,” The Hill reported, citing that survey.

“Forty-seven percent of Americans said they either want the GOP to recapture control of Congress this year or are at least leaning toward the party ahead of the November midterm elections, compared to 44 percent who said the same about Democrats,” the outlet said.