Former President Donald Trump’s top political adviser has made a remarkable prediction about the outcome of next month’s midterm elections, and it is sure to make Republicans smile.

Kellyanne Conway said during an interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters Wednesday evening that she believes pollsters are undercounting Republicans — purposely or not — and that come Nov. 8, she believes a ‘red wave’ of GOP voters will storm polling places around the country.

Conway first remarked on President Joe Biden’s trip this week to Saudi Arabia, which did not go as planned. The Saudis, along with other OPEC+ nations, rebuffed his request to ramp up oil production to keep prices lower as the elections approach. She also blasted Biden’s continued draining of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which critics also believe is a political decision to lower prices so Democrats do better at the polls.

“So the strategic petroleum reserves as you know has been tapped after Hurricane Katrina,” she said. “It’s been tapped during the Gulf War, for example. Now it’s going to be tapped because an American president who has no energy plan and frankly has no energy at all, has gotten us into this situation. And, you know, just because Joe Biden has no gas left in the tank doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t.

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“And I will tell you who is really going to be angry with him, Jesse. These Democratic candidates in really tight races because nothing sort of angers people and it has visible of a policy failure to people as rising gas and grocery prices,” Conway continued.

“People think everyday life is increasingly unaffordable, insecure and less safe under Joe Biden’s America and they are going to punish his candidates for that reason,” she said.

Conway then speculated that pollsters are biased and as such are undercounting Republicans.

“Oh, I think we are looking at a big Republican day in large part because they only need five seats, four or five seats in the House and they just need a few in the Senate,” she said. They’ll get both. I think they’ll take over both and maybe win a couple governorships and state legislatures as well.”

“Those polls always undercount the strength of the Trump-Pence voter, the center-right voter,” she added. “Those pollsters then say ‘oopsy we’re sorry we got it wrong we’ll get it right next time,’ and they don’t. You know why, Jesse? Because we never deeply examine that which we deeply disdain.”

“They don’t necessarily know anybody like that or care about people like that. They want — look, the Democrats want this election to be about climate change, you heard the foolishness of the president today who somehow got bamboozled into standing next to Ron and Casey DeSantis,” she said in reference to Biden’s remarks about climate change’s alleged effects while touring areas of Florida that were devastated by Hurricane Ian.

“Boy, that’s a problem for Joe Biden, DeSantis is doing a heck of a job as the governor, really deploying resources and getting stuff done,” Conway said. “It’s going to hurt the Democrats because, also, the Commitment To America the Republicans put out takes on energy full square. They address gas prices and energy production, they have a plan very specific about it.”


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