A former associate of the Biden family who blew the whistle on first son Hunter Biden’s laptop has provided an update on the FBI’s investigation.

According to Tony Bobulinski, who first disclosed bombshell details about Biden family operations weeks before the 2020 election, told Fox News host Tucker Carlson in an interview set to air Tuesday evening that the FBI essentially ignored him after he blew the whistle.

According to Bobulinski, a former FBI official who despised then-President Donald Trump slow-walked the bureau’s probe into Hunter Biden and then failed to follow up with him after he turned whistleblower as the agent promised.

Bobulinski provided details into what did and did not take place in the crucial run-up to the election with then-FBI special agent Timothy Thibault in his interview with Carlson.

“Tim Thibault, in his last discussion with my legal counsel, said, ‘Listen, we know Tony’s cooperating. We appreciate all the information he’s provided. We will follow up with you. We are definitely going to have him come in for a follow-up interview, or spend some more time on this,’” Bobulinski told Carlson. “And I haven’t heard from him since. Nor have my lawyers.”

“That’s shocking,” an incredulous Carlson said in response.

“Uh, shocking, that would be one adjective,” Bobulinski said.


The Daily Wire added:

The interview corroborated a recent report from New York Post columnist Miranda Devine about Thibault’s extraordinary alleged efforts to shut down the probe, which may have changed the election outcome. Timothy Thibault, who left the bureau in August under mysterious circumstances, was the key to burying evidence contained on the laptop, wrote Devine, author of “Laptop From Hell.”

Bobulinski’s “evidence appears to have fallen into the same black hole at the FBI as Hunter’s laptop, never to be seen again,” Devine wrote.

Two GOP senators, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Chuck Grassley of Iowa, have accused Thibault of intentionally interfering in the probe. Thibault retired from the bureau as special counsel John Durham began to focus on his activities, the Daily Wire noted.

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